Taking on a build project can be a daunting process, one that demands a great deal in terms of time and stress.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable, honest and efficient company with a very good understanding of the local property market and the local planning and building control departments.

On the back of recent projects we have been approached to build houses tailored to people’s individual requirements. Given that it is our day-to-day job we naturally find the process more manageable and enjoyable. Having assembled a trusted team that can guarantee an assured quality clearly makes things easier.

Through the development side of our business we tend to see potential plots before they make it on to the open market. Once a site is chosen we can quickly determine the most appropriate architect to meet your needs. We would handle the planning process and assemble the right team to get the project out of the ground and built to your budget and specification.

We operate in a completely transparent and honest way. We run a tight ship and manage projects efficiently. By operating in this way we find we can make the best use of your budget and hopefully make it an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Nest Development specialises in building elegant, stylish new homes and major conversion or renovation projects where the execution of creative design solutions are carried out to an exacting standard. By establishing Nest Design & Build we now intend to offer a bespoke service where we build homes across East Anglia to suit people’s individual needs and desires.

If you have a brief you would like to discuss please get in touch.