Nick & Camille Glendinning both share backgrounds as producers.

Nick produced award-winning music videos for a generation of artists before switching to commercials and produced successful campaigns for clients such as Guinness, Audi, Smirnoff, Mercedes & Coca Cola.

Camille ran her own successful production company looking after renowned fashion photographers. She produced major fashions shoots for clients and magazines, such as Gucci, Vogue & Louis Vuitton.

A producer essentially puts together a team that combines creativity, practicality and technicality to get a project completed in time and on budget whilst meeting the needs of the client. Not vastly different to managing a building project.

They started Nest Development in 2011 and now have a range of projects under their belt that they are quite rightly proud of. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for good design they enjoy creating exceptional homes.